Client Testimonials

It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Kerry Mantziounis. Two years ago, my husband and I approached Kerry regarding the desire to sell our house. We had been very open and honest with Kerry, discussing how we had already purchased a builder home, and how we were nervous about selling within the following year. Kerry was fully prepared with knowledge on my neighbourhood, and an estimated retail value for our home. We felt prepared and eager to start.

Within four months after this initial visit, the BIG recession in real estate and the world economy hit. It is suffice to say that my husband and I were completely nervous about what to do. We needed to sell our house within the next eight months, and were witnessing a complete collapse of real estate. Then we thought, let’s panic and place our house on the market immediately. Kerry, knew this was a mistake, he kept us calm and determined to stick with the original plan. I thank God every day that I put my faith in him, for it paid off.

During the waiting period, Kerry kept us posted on new houses on the market within our neighbourhood, and changes to the real estate market. Then he urged us to place our house on the market 4 weeks earlier, saying, “I think this is best.” In order to convince us, Kerry walked us through every house within our area that was on the market, then we felt that he was correct. Again, Thank God we trusted him. Kerry sold our house within 4 days, with a two-day bidding war, and above asking price. He was even able to accommodate our closing date.

Selling, buying, and the entire moving process is one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life. Putting our trust in Kerry made this very emotional period of our lives, calm, secure and stable. Kerry is an agent beyond his years. He is professional, intelligent, well prepared, curtious, and overly informed. Most would say that these are the attributes you want in a real estate broker. I say, NO, you want this and more. Kerry tops off these amazing qualities with his COMPASSIONATE personality, and HONEST professionalism. It is these two qualities that make Kerry Mantziounis an astonishing agent and loyal friend. 

If you or a loved one is considering a move, Kerry is the man to trust in. You will be happy you did.  God Bless, and good luck to all who endeavor a change, let Kerry Mantziounis carry you home.

- Fabiana Calitri Sanna

"Being a first time buyer and experiencing the real estate world for the first time was difficult at first, until I met Kerry.  He guided me with his patience and knowledge to make the right decisions.

He never hesitates to try his best and make you relax through the whole process of buying real estate property. I highly recommend Kerry not just to first time buyers but to everyone that wants great service and an experience they won’t forget.

- Stratos P